Bought a New Aston Martin!

22. sep. 2019
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My Guys!
I had the pleasure of test driving all of the Aston Martin lineup to make sure I'm picking the best car for Belen and I to enjoy together!
Thank you very much @GalpinIvan for showing us all the cars and for your patience my dude!
Next video is showing you guys the spec and showing it to Belen, she takes it on her first drive, and gives us a final verdict with a little BONUS surprise!

  • That was a school zone. 🚔

    Christopher HintergardtChristopher HintergardtPred 15 dnevi
  • Such a stunning car 🤩🤩

    Stevie LoweStevie LowePred mesecem
  • SALOMONDRIN, you should purchase the Aston Martin Valhalla sometime in the future. DBS is the best Aston on sale today, but that's me. DB11 is a romantic car. Especially without the roof.

    Be8Be8Pred 5 meseci
  • What’s the name of beat at 10:15?

    Yuvraj RoyYuvraj RoyPred 5 meseci
  • 👊

    Travis HartleyTravis HartleyPred 6 meseci
  • Just found your channel bro, and your energy is contagious my brother. The Pagani video is the video I found you on. Man, I’ve been watching your videos since 1:30 AM, It’s almost 3:30 now. Love the videos ! Inspired to do everything your doing but better 🤯. I’m going to continue to watch you. Letting the universe align for me 💯🤘🏾. Wanna meet you some day. You super dope brother, continue grinding.

    YouRareYouRarePred 8 meseci
  • What is the name of the song at 10:05?

    Yuvraj RoyYuvraj RoyPred 10 meseci
  • For me the first car, the vantage is the best.

    ASH CAVIARASH CAVIARPred 11 meseci
  • How much do they depreciate?

    Kyle ClimerKyle ClimerPred 11 meseci
  • This is a definition of a broke boy

    Bige StephensBige StephensPred letom
  • The DBS Superleggera is the most beautiful car I’ve seen in a long time. Yes, Ferraris, Lambos, and McLarens are nice, but this car just A perfect blend of style, power, and grace.

    Lanaris AustinLanaris AustinPred letom
  • Ohmy gosh the super leggera is insane !!!!

    2021 Jewelry2021 JewelryPred letom
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁it's a real pleasure to watch🏎️🏎️🏎️ 0:53 🔥💚 👇👇👇👇

    Ariel HernandezAriel HernandezPred letom
  • The DB IS saying I got money. I got money. I got money everywhere. I got money....

    MRMRPred letom
  • Would the Aston Martin stand out as much if it wasn't for a handful of James Bond film's that uses it? Sort of like how the Delorean is technically a crappy car but it's sought after because of Back To The Future. I'm willing to bet if the Ford Tempo or Chevy Citation was used a few times in a hit movie series, they'd also be higher in demand

    Frank JagerFrank JagerPred letom
  • Learn to speak english

    DaveDavePred letom
  • Good choice Bro’.

    Theo DavisTheo DavisPred letom
  • I wanna buy a car that makes sense. Buys a fucking Aston Martin,cant stand this idiot

    GØREGØREPred letom
  • Wow😅... this dude really considers his wife

    Sinethemba NdlovuSinethemba NdlovuPred letom
  • I think you made a really good choice.

    Bobby CusterBobby CusterPred letom
  • "How many miles per gallon does it make?" Aston-Martin: *"No"*

    WheeldoWheeldoPred letom
  • Wonder what the sales commission on that car is?

    Tommy NakajimaTommy NakajimaPred letom
  • Other people: I bought the new iPhone 11Pro Max Salomundo: i bought an Aston Martin just for weekends !!

    Cristopher MendezCristopher MendezPred letom
  • This niqqa has his own line of rims now?

    David CDavid CPred letom
  • Want to buy a new car but can’t afford it click the link below to make your dreams a success 👌🏻

    jamie frewjamie frewPred letom
  • Just found your channel and I am enjoying all of the videos. Actually I am considering purchasing a 2017 Lamborghini Aventador here in Dallas but I am curious what supercars would you suggest for a guy my size. I am 6'5!

    MIQVERSE R&B InstrumentalsMIQVERSE R&B InstrumentalsPred letom
  • Men who kid about a kiss to a guy friend, close their eyes. GOT IT!

    Oscar HecticOscar HecticPred letom
  • You're a good husband because I would have gotten the DBS hands down lol

    chavirian anthonychavirian anthonyPred letom
  • Why do u cuss so much can’t even watch this

    Levi FreemanLevi FreemanPred letom
  • atleast he didn't clickbait it

    StephenStephenPred letom
  • Let’s face it: You dead Salomondrin! Ewerybody ho know ur Chanel know’s that ur wife like’s a G class. You went broke after Senna and Because of the old GaNg you hawe. I feel really bad about your channel, you just need to be honest and say what it is. And from that reason I am out! Bless you son

    J. BešićJ. BešićPred letom
  • The vantage is better

    Spaceinvader2.0Spaceinvader2.0Pred letom
  • You should grab a Pontiac g8 and make it fucked if you think 130,000$ is cheap my dude throw a pro charger in there tune it. Not 300,000$ interior but they beat lambos and exotics

    VanSweatyVanSweatyPred letom
  • What's his weed company? I need to try it 😂

    Zach WiseZach WisePred letom
  • *Buy a Bugatti Chiron*

    A. RyanA. RyanPred letom
  • Mercedes only gave them a little smidge of technology and design. Mercedes is killing it with interior design Aston is still in 2012.

    Spaceinvader2.0Spaceinvader2.0Pred letom
  • only bad thing about the db11 is that awful tiny screen w the huge plastic border around it, wtf aston

    NyxNyxPred letom
  • one feature of the astons and db11 are the gas shock powered doors that go up at an angle, this prevents hitting the curb but also coupe doors are usually heavier so it makes swinging the doors open easy and sexy!

    NyxNyxPred letom
  • dude....i know you're a baller but 175k better have a good interior, whats wrong with your head?

    NyxNyxPred letom
  • Sorry i'm out of the loop but what happened to pasha?

    Rusty NailRusty NailPred letom
  • Ugh, I hate convertibles so much...

    LeNomEstYvesLeNomEstYvesPred letom
  • Unsubbed because of all the clickbait that was going on, subbed back now. Keep on rockin Ale.

    Lemtem PoktuiLemtem PoktuiPred letom
  • Love watching your videos that's niceeeee

    epic projects chrisepic projects chrisPred letom
  • I thought about the AM but realized the Mclaren was a far better car, unless it’s the Vulcan

    Jimmy JAMESJimmy JAMESPred letom
  • Wtf! why does that wheel on the wall has Salomondrin’s logo

    Aahil zakyAahil zakyPred letom
  • Fantastic.

    Jeffrey GaleJeffrey GalePred letom
  • What’s with your cameraman, your talking about the centre console on the DB11 and he doesn’t even film it, just stays on you. Didn’t see the comparison 😡😡😡😡😡

    Sidney GriffithsSidney GriffithsPred letom
  • The Mexican salesman dude, what the fuck happened to his pants? did they shrink in the wash? And the other Mexican is constantly stoned.

    Andrew GurneyAndrew GurneyPred letom
  • Salomondrin needs a new wife not a new car she looks like a Gold Digger

    Fabrizio FabrizioFabrizio FabrizioPred letom
  • when were comments re enabled? lol

    Murithi KinotiMurithi KinotiPred letom
  • Why a convertible.........

    Valentin DobchevValentin DobchevPred letom
  • Why don't you wait for the next generation maserati granturismo?

    Albert Weedstein The Thug GeniusAlbert Weedstein The Thug GeniusPred letom
  • Nice seeing footage of Galpin Aston/Jaguar/Lotus. I used to clean all their windows once a month. Hated doing that job hahaha. My favorite part was going in the vault.

    Jessie SJessie SPred letom
  • 8:36 the weirdest slow motion part of the video. Kind of makes Salomondrin look like an elf.

    M SportM SportPred letom
  • Has any one noticed that 10:10 the flat tire in the other car

    Wilfido RodasWilfido RodasPred letom
  • I can’t even watch this garbage anymore. Nobody actually cares!! Go back to Telemundo and focus on ur soaps. Car vlogging isn’t your bag.

    Luke DukeLuke DukePred letom
  • Love Ivan's red car staredown.

    J BettisJ BettisPred letom
  • F yeah bro! 🇲🇽

    Gino LomeliGino LomeliPred letom
  • I'll b your wife dawg

    SneakerheadJamesSneakerheadJamesPred letom
  • did he actually get it??? or what..

    Hunter WolfeHunter WolfePred letom
  • British cars are not the most reliable not the best performers but they are classy and will always give you a smile

    Thunderbolt GamingThunderbolt GamingPred letom
  • what about the bentley?

    Nigel JamesNigel JamesPred letom
  • They Depreciate Like a Stock Market Crash

    C&D GagliaC&D GagliaPred letom
  • Damn this channel sucks without the og homies

    Don VitoDon VitoPred letom
  • Before diabled

    Rivinaka DharmaratneRivinaka DharmaratnePred letom
  • DBS🤘

    Danendra Erico Rafifata TiyasaDanendra Erico Rafifata TiyasaPred letom
  • Enséñame cómo hacerle

  • He's an actual real life GTA player

    Mark Jordan SeñoronMark Jordan SeñoronPred letom
  • Looks like a genesis coupe

    Pickle JayPickle JayPred letom
  • So much for the teary eyed 'I'm only buying electric to save the planet' shit then.

    lefroy1lefroy1Pred letom
  • 15:38 That B in DB11 is definitely a buttcrack.

    Aldo SusantoAldo SusantoPred letom
  • Bout time Aston Martin is the best . My favorite is 2014 Aston Martin v12 vantage s . Bout time a youtuber gets a Aston Martin

    Drew JohnDrew JohnPred letom
  • Congrats to your"wife's car" LoL 😁, but seriously, I love her car or any Aston Martin. But she honestly would be much better of with a 2019 NSX and you can have incredible fun too... plus you can get GAS to customize if you want a little extra and still have change so you can have gas in the car.

    TheKingkinggTheKingkinggPred letom
  • Congrats bro👍

    Kevin Rana-85Kevin Rana-85Pred letom
  • That superleggera is speced just right damn that car is sexy

    johnhagebeuk8johnhagebeuk8Pred letom
  • Congratulations homie. I love it. 🏁

    DailyDrivenExoticsDailyDrivenExoticsPred letom
    • yoooo big fan

      Divit MahendrooDivit MahendrooPred 22 dnevi
  • "You know, because Mexicans like nice things" ORALE I always order my double quarter pounder with CHEESE and BACON! Para la raza compa!

    Jairo CarvajalJairo CarvajalPred letom
  • Tata lock screen. :-)

    Walt SchneiderWalt SchneiderPred letom
  • Por que a los mexicanos que hablan inglés si les entiendo jajaja

    Emmanuel HernandezEmmanuel HernandezPred letom
  • i hope your as rich as your pretending on camera.

    cfrntccfrntcPred letom
    • @cfrntc Don't be jealous twat. Go make your own money.

      LeNomEstYvesLeNomEstYvesPred letom
    • @LeNomEstYves ahaha yeah right. i feel bad about you believing this crap.

      cfrntccfrntcPred letom
    • He's actually even richer than he portrays on camera.

      LeNomEstYvesLeNomEstYvesPred letom
  • Not worth the money, Aston are not a smart buy: they depreciate a lot, they don't have THAT quality you want from a 200+ car and build quality is not the best either. Also, on a personal note, I don't like the design language from the new model lineup, they look meh ok but not the look you want from an 200+ Aston

    AN D1AN D1Pred letom
  • I just saw a video of this shitty ass car where its wipers weren't able to pull themself back due to wind on a low speed like 100 miles/h. Aston martin makes some of the most shittiest cars.

    Muhammad Saad ChauhdaryMuhammad Saad ChauhdaryPred letom
  • Dream car 😍😌

    shivraj karodiwalshivraj karodiwalPred letom
  • Should’ve gotten the DBS superlegera

    edgar perezedgar perezPred letom
  • Should have gone for DBS man..😓

    Pritam RoopraPritam RoopraPred letom
  • This guy is the humblest millionaire on youtube 😎

    Scott PringleScott PringlePred letom
  • "Mexicans like nice things" we're all very well aware about that 😂.

    Aqaweel KhanAqaweel KhanPred letom
  • It is regrettable that your otherwise awesome review is ruined by low class language. If you can actually afford such a beautiful vehicle you should know better. Thanks for your intentions not your product. No thumb up or down.

    Steven McculloughSteven McculloughPred letom
    • Steven Mccullough yea he is not a fake he’s himself. Most ppl can relate to a person that is himself on camera rather a talk show host. Fuck the b.s I love his style.

      Spaceinvader2.0Spaceinvader2.0Pred letom
  • Is it me or has he lost a ton of subscribers? I remember last vid I saw over a year ago, he had way more traffic.

    Fredy LlanosFredy LlanosPred letom
  • Navigators way better than a Aston Martin. Navigator looks way classier and has way more room. Yes the Aston is a sports car and nice but I’m a typical guy. So don’t be all mad I went for the Navigator bc I personally drive a Dodge Grand Caravan

    Puria RahbarniaPuria RahbarniaPred letom
  • vulcan would be best for garage 😆

    san15hsan15hPred letom
    • because of senna incident?

      san15hsan15hPred letom
  • DB11 V12 for wifey

    Jon LJon LPred letom
  • What a massive anticlimax... 😂 Goes from a DBS Superleggera to a fucking convertible DB11 🤢

    Street GodsStreet GodsPred letom
  • Ni merga

    The Reel Slot PlayersThe Reel Slot PlayersPred letom
  • 20:01 charger with "the spy" plates shit himself when he seen that aston martin the real spy car

    ChampagneChampagnePred letom
  • You fell off alejandro :'(

    ChampagneChampagnePred letom
  • I fucking loved the interior on the DB11 man! (I am a dude who drives a 1991 oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser lol)

    NuchNuchPred letom
  • It’s good your back bro. Time heals all wounds be it emotional or physical

    bryan ignatius augustinebryan ignatius augustinePred letom
  • Hey salomondrin what’s your opinion on the AMG GT Black series render floating around Instagram right now?

    FXR_failsafeFXR_failsafePred letom
  • You should have gotten the new lc500 convertible instead of the db11

    Ali JamiliAli JamiliPred letom