The All New Ghost Has Arrived!!!

22. feb. 2021
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My guys!
There are very few finer things in life then a Rolls Royce.
However, the cheapest Rolls just went up in price by quite a bit... Is it worth it!?
Check out the video and find out *tv voice*

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    Chris McculloughChris McculloughPred 22 dnevi
  • In peace and love, is there a lot of extra lip smacking in this video or am I going crazy?

    TygerBytesTygerBytesPred 25 dnevi
  • How many time did you say because its a Rolls Royce🤪

    Nour eden Al MasriNour eden Al MasriPred mesecem
  • 0:59 it doesn’t matter bud It’s still a overpriced bimmer Bentley is a real one

    TurnerTurnerPred mesecem
  • Overrated

    Rayfield Allen JonesRayfield Allen JonesPred mesecem
  • it looks like a flying spur

    lambotamalambotamaPred mesecem
  • Can you help me out amigo porfavor?

    Alejandro PerezAlejandro PerezPred mesecem
  • The most important aspect that this car gets right are the dimensions and the proportions. This is THE ideal sedan/saloon shape/dimension. The V12 is the cherry on top.

    Ravi RajyaguruRavi RajyaguruPred mesecem
  • car guy that does not know why they are suicide doors)

    Mr PickyMr PickyPred mesecem
  • Why'd you go for the Ghost, and not the Dawn? Edit: Now I understand.

    SilverStreakSilverStreakPred mesecem
  • Have to continue with the car reviews love it

    Derek GomezDerek GomezPred mesecem
  • It's FKN RR! 😂

    a1ana1anPred mesecem
  • Right... old tech just like mom & dad's old house... Question: Can I still aim to own a Rolls Royce if my parents rent? - Asking for a friend XD

    ReaL PyRoReaL PyRoPred mesecem
  • Damn that looks crazy.

    Your FanYour FanPred mesecem
  • Who cares your boring

    Jay BJay BPred mesecem
  • que pedo por que hablas ingles en todos tus videos xdxd

    Jose ViloriaJose ViloriaPred mesecem
  • no te entendi ni mergas

    Jose ViloriaJose ViloriaPred mesecem
  • The threw a.rolls grill on.for.400 ...the back.needs squared tails...its.beautiful

    Ronny DiSalvoRonny DiSalvoPred mesecem
  • Congrats 🍾

    Captain IkeCaptain IkePred mesecem
  • Ale love your energy bro I’m glad to see you’re doing well after not seeing your channel show up on my SLworlds page for sometime now. It is very refreshing hearing your non political correctness with your own SVIP flare to it much love from Canada 🇨🇦

    EmerusEmerusPred mesecem
  • Still making u turns at the end of the videos

    Karl-Rick BizozaKarl-Rick BizozaPred mesecem
  • Your old video of how the world works you made in the Ghost is still one of the most informative and inspirational I have ever seen. I still go watch it over and over again.

    Karl-Rick BizozaKarl-Rick BizozaPred mesecem
  • Soo does he like the rolls Royce ?

    It’s me JuntaoIt’s me JuntaoPred mesecem
  • Top notch video as always 🔥

    yana_ gamingyana_ gamingPred mesecem

    Swagger MuffinSwagger MuffinPred mesecem
  • Aa su canal secundario es en ingles xdx

    Extra_MemesExtra_MemesPred mesecem
  • Suicide doors: if you are hit on the side, or from the rear quarter, the doors will not open. Then, you are stuck inside. Hence: suicide doors.

    Machine Against The RageMachine Against The RagePred mesecem
  • "longer and thicker" (that's what she said)

    Eric PatinoEric PatinoPred mesecem
  • could you please, take the car in a busy area with alot of noise and record with a very sound sensitiv microphone, without playing music or talking, i would love to hear how quiet the engine is and how noise isolated the car is.

    Fleez FlaazFleez FlaazPred mesecem
  • I feel like im watching this channel 5 years ago. I love it. keep it up. also fart in that car. heh.

    Kyle CuvielloKyle CuvielloPred mesecem
  • Danny?? I thought you moved to Texas??

    Leedle LeeLeedle LeePred mesecem
  • theyre called suicide doors becauseif you pull over on the side of a road or parallel park and open your door, a passing car can hit your door and instead of it flying off like a normal car, its slams and crushes you. and you're dead. suicide doors

    Mackenzie ClevelandMackenzie ClevelandPred mesecem
  • Where are the star lights 😩

    Kdodaj 92Kdodaj 92Pred mesecem
  • ''Lights like 5***** hotel which I will never afford'' stfu :D

    raivolieeraivolieePred mesecem
  • Need wht ur smoking gotta be an upper

    samy bsamy bPred mesecem
  • 🤣🤣why is everyone talking about how much y'all love hearing him, if not so long ago everyone hated him🤦‍♂️...anyways love the video 😂😅🤑

    David TelllezDavid TelllezPred mesecem
    • 🤡☘ 🚬 Ganja!

      David TelllezDavid TelllezPred mesecem
  • So how long till yours is wrapped sky blue?

    mikey380sxmikey380sxPred mesecem
  • Man I missed you I ready for more content and maybe a segment about Mexicans talking about cars love to see that and also keep doing you bro love your personality

    Valley LifeValley LifePred mesecem
  • When is the next adventure!?

    Charles PollnowCharles PollnowPred mesecem
  • Fun fact: French car doors (suicide doors) got their name back in the early 20’s because it was a lot easier to fall out of a rear hinge door while driving then a standard door. Apparently happened pretty often. The name took off in the mobster era though, due to the simple fact it’s easier to stick a thommy gun out of suicide door then a normal one.

    Chance MillerChance MillerPred mesecem
  • Can’t wait for the backbadge to come out

    Dream BigDream BigPred mesecem
  • Man, you just did the most perfect presentation of this new Ghost ! Rolls Royce should pay you a huge tip for your true enthousiasm ! You convinced me 100% to buy one of these ;-)

    Xavier PereXavier PerePred mesecem
  • I just showed my 82 yr old mother this video. She says you talk too fast so I speeded up the video to 1.75%, it was hilarious and Surprisingly clear. I then slowed it down but it made you sound like a drunken Russian.

    Robert RutherfordRobert RutherfordPred mesecem
  • It looks angry 😡

    ayjay fitnessayjay fitnessPred mesecem
  • Why do you keep smacking your lips like you got a crack rock in your cheeks?

    Teknique 82Teknique 82Pred mesecem
  • Cut down on video time and all the extra over reacting talk bro You are super slow growing SLworldsr ,.. you used to be my fav but I feel like I am watching a movie not a SLworlds

    TJ gillTJ gillPred mesecem
  • A classic English luxury brand now designed by Germans? Winston Churchill would be turning barrel rolls in his grave.

    Zakariah1971Zakariah1971Pred mesecem
  • Um, the all new BMW 9 series has arrived.

    Zakariah1971Zakariah1971Pred mesecem
  • Love you brother

    Jim RyanJim RyanPred mesecem
  • would be 100% better if the side mirrors were cameras not big ass blocks stuck on the side of the car

    parlter1parlter1Pred mesecem
  • Does Ale smack his lips before every sentence or is it just me?

    JOSE LEONJOSE LEONPred mesecem
  • HAHAHA you are still in cali???? texas aint the same LOL

  • Its really sad how some people live in luxury and dont even think about it or appreciate it while some of us barely have money for food and just wish for their car to be (reliable) not to look good, or have a certain feature, but to just have a working car..

    DiMzZ11DiMzZ11Pred mesecem
  • could you smack your lips even more next video? thanks

    DaNNiDaNNiPred mesecem
  • They shoulda made the grill bigger

    DiMzZ11DiMzZ11Pred mesecem
  • A suicide door is the slang term for an automobile door hinged at its rear rather than the front. Such doors were originally used on horse-drawn carriages, but are rarely found on modern vehicles, primarily because they are perceived as being less safe than a front-hinged door.

    Spazik86Spazik86Pred mesecem
  • This car makes you really tiny behind the wheel 🤣

    woodypwxwoodypwxPred mesecem
  • the new ghost is so fire

    Akash RAkash RPred mesecem
  • Love the content like always, it’s always entertaining and you’re actually doing a real car review and not just modding for views!! Although I do love when you mod your cars 😂

    Justin NabongJustin NabongPred mesecem
  • You're sunglasses look really good on you

    obed-farley josephobed-farley josephPred mesecem
  • Suicide doors were common on cars manufactured in the first half of the 20th century. In the era before seat belts, the accidental opening of such doors meant that there was a greater risk of falling out of the vehicle compared to front-hinged doors, where airflow pushed the doors closed rather than opening them further. There ya go!

    cgkcgkPred mesecem
  • so much lip smacking and heavy breathing in this im starting to thin youre turned all the way on by this car bro

    Trap4HunterTrap4HunterPred mesecem
  • Suicide doors were common on cars manufactured in the first half of the 20th century. In the era before seat belts, the accidental opening of such doors meant that there was a greater risk of falling out of the vehicle compared to front-hinged doors, where airflow pushed the doors closed rather than opening them further... He's an interesting chap that one, isn't he! ...I'll get my coat.

    ScreamifyoumeanitScreamifyoumeanitPred mesecem
  • The 300c did a great job at copying the front.

    SunnoskiSunnoskiPred mesecem
  • Fuck Me some People dont even know how fortunate there life is. Fuck I can some how get to another month and the Dude is getting a new car every month and Im thinking how to get food on the table for my kids :/

    quake2rulezquake2rulezPred mesecem
  • 11:03 I'm dying

    TheWORLDisMine77TheWORLDisMine77Pred mesecem
  • Alahandro is the underdog. Come on dude give us more videos. ❤️

    Prasant khanalPrasant khanalPred mesecem
  • ghost, the cheapest rolls royce, is still 300+k before options, thats like 3 M5's or 2 taycans or 1.5 biggest baddest AMG S class that mercedes makes, what kind or person is gonna pass on all these cars and say nah what I really need is this glorified 7 series instead. It just conspicuous spending is what this is, people who buy them do so not because they are any better cars but because they cost more, just mine's bigger that yours principle

    DariuneDariunePred mesecem
  • Just for you Ale..... Suicide doors are called suicide doors because in a frontal accident the door will in most cases buckle in toward the driver trapping them or worse crushing them. In the rest of the accidents will pop open allowing for the driver or passenger to be ejected from the vehicle. Now you know :D Great vid's too

    Michael RussellMichael RussellPred mesecem
  • Can we expect a rolls Royce cullinan review?

    Stealthy CreepyStealthy CreepyPred mesecem
  • Man, stop doing that thing with your mouth... What kind of sound is that

    Nenad MaksimovicNenad MaksimovicPred mesecem
  • Better weather in your Ghost video than ours!! ⛄

    LovecarsLovecarsPred mesecem
  • Pause at 2 minutes 46 - is it just me or do they look like S class lights¿?

    P GP GPred mesecem
  • I don't think elegant as fuck was what they were thinking lol but I prefer it!

    Jim SmithJim SmithPred mesecem
  • I stoped watching you because you swear too much.

    Hisham ShariffHisham ShariffPred mesecem
  • From around 3:00 your left hand speaks more expressions than the average human face.

    JimJimPred mesecem
  • You will never be late to a meeting in a Rolls Royce, meeting only starts when you get there

    Branden AlexanderBranden AlexanderPred mesecem
  • The car looks smug

    Ijaz AzizIjaz AzizPred mesecem
  • Old one looks way more majestic!

    TheFrankybodyTheFrankybodyPred mesecem
  • The way you represent Mexico and you're Mexican...well am South African🇿🇦

    Lebogang MokwenaLebogang MokwenaPred mesecem
  • just so any one did not not notice the back of this car looks like a 2010 Nissan Ultima

  • Love the line that runs through the entire body from front to taillight

    aditya visputeaditya visputePred mesecem
  • Sto review

    MGL YTMGL YTPred mesecem
  • Pues chingao you sold me on the RR Ghost . Now to figure out how to get the money for one 🤔🥴

    fabricio becerrafabricio becerraPred mesecem
  • So to sum up this video if your rich as fuck you should buy this car lol

    Boss MediaBoss MediaPred mesecem
  • Me entero que tienes un canal en Inglés xd

  • And now we need the svipe channel for business insider stuff ;)

    Mason HerbelMason HerbelPred mesecem
  • bro the back looks like an old nissan maxima

    EdiownedUEdiownedUPred mesecem
  • This channel dead af now

    camp gottacamp gottaPred mesecem
  • Keep up the great work man! Glad you’re uploading more!

    Finn The ToasterFinn The ToasterPred mesecem
  • Love the slow-mo shots of the car man, great stuff.

    Pepe For YouPepe For YouPred mesecem
  • I felt he was gonna say “let’s talk about cars yo!” 😔

    C.G.G.C.G.G.Pred mesecem
    • Why did you expect that? He doesn't say that during car reviews?! It's a different segment dude

      Curley PubesCurley PubesPred mesecem
  • This is what made me subscribe to the channel years ago in the first place love your content.

    503TD503TDPred mesecem
  • Your invisiline teeth suck is apart of the dialog u do it so much

    YouTube's #1 CommenterYouTube's #1 CommenterPred mesecem
  • Alejandro is fucking back baby

    AAA10AAA10Pred mesecem
  • Thanks for making my day With a 😃smile

    Cleve HyltonCleve HyltonPred mesecem
  • me acabo de enterar que tiene un canal en ingles no mames jajaja XD

    TigreTigrePred mesecem
  • loved this vid ale is back

    Guneet MoudgilGuneet MoudgilPred mesecem
  • Let me fix the title: The All New Ghost Has Arrived....and it is ugly.

    Panda 730SPanda 730SPred mesecem
  • Hahaha!! Great Point on the Joke!!!

    Jorge VeraJorge VeraPred mesecem