9. mar. 2021
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Just in case you want to make some epic content!
My guys,
We always love trying new things, and getting you guys to feel like you were next to us, or even taking our places was the goal here.
Hope we accomplished our goals and hope you enjoy!

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    SalomondrinSalomondrinPred mesecem
    • @irob rf don’t encourage this fraud

      TheNotorious FrankTheNotorious FrankPred mesecem
    • slworlds.info/net/n3SZfdmGf2aycZM/video Off subject and I know you didn’t ask but the Best ramen in the United States is in Austin ! Dipping ramen when your high AF is the way to go !!!

      irob rfirob rfPred mesecem
    • Ordered one!

      Jim SoderbomJim SoderbomPred mesecem
    • @Aryan Remington Whoa! Took like 20 minutes but it reallyworked!!

      Iva GosleeIva GosleePred mesecem
    • Get 992 gt2rs

      Yaliema KickassYaliema KickassPred mesecem
  • this is actually most car you will ever need. and you can actually get around in it

    Mr PickyMr PickyPred 8 dnevi
  • 👍

    Chris McculloughChris McculloughPred 22 dnevi
  • This channel has gone to sh*t! 😂😂😂 What happened? It’s been a good year at least since I’ve seen his videos. Man o man is this a sketchy dude! Greasy salesman to the Max!! Dude will try and sell anything for a buck! Problem is, all the stuff is crap!! Plus dude can’t keep friends! WTF is wrong with this guy to where he can’t keep friends? My guess is he’s just fake as fuc!!

    n0neyan0neyaPred 23 dnevi
  • Please properly disclose payed or affiliated promotions.

    ST TizST TizPred 24 dnevi
  • Este tipo esta loco

    Rochy rd team wawaRochy rd team wawaPred 25 dnevi
  • 18:59 Ale bwahaha 😂

    iManiManPred 26 dnevi
  • Got the GO 2 because it looked so cool in this video. It will not connect to my iphone 12 Pro Max via the app. I have texted and emailed back and forth with tech support but no luck. Requesting a refund or replacement but no reply. Would avoid until they work out the kinks.

    David LiaoDavid LiaoPred 27 dnevi
  • Saludos gran salo te sigo en tus dos canales aunque en esta no entienda nada... un abrazote perroo!!!!

    Francisco juanFrancisco juanPred 27 dnevi
  • comentario en español

    One fire two GTOne fire two GTPred 28 dnevi

    xManU03xxManU03xPred 28 dnevi
  • I thought that was usher in the elevator

    Derek LivingstonDerek LivingstonPred mesecem
  • Honestly The audio quality and camera the angle is terrible I hope you never use that camera again

    Kyle FikaniKyle FikaniPred mesecem
  • I was here back when this guy used to own cool cars, now he just talks about them! It's nice to see the channel slowly die because with content like this is totally deserved!

    ANDREANDREPred mesecem
  • no entiendo ni verga pero aca andamos xd

    Santiago humberto aramburo CotaSantiago humberto aramburo CotaPred mesecem
  • The cameras are a big game changer the angles and video quality were perfect 👌🏼

    Knight VisionKnight VisionPred mesecem
  • Hey man, I didn't know you had a YT channel. I was just going through videos while Im in quarantine. Ill be back to make CH sound effects soon.

    Blake.isBlake.isPred mesecem

    denis loebeldenis loebelPred mesecem
  • The base 992 is a complete bore. At least compared to an AMG GTC (perhaps not a fair comparison). Test drove a 992 and expected to love it. I couldn’t wait to return it.

    FluterraFluterraPred mesecem
  • New to your channel thanks to your collaboration with Supercar Blondie. Great videos! Thank you for posting.

    Kirk ThomsonKirk ThomsonPred mesecem
    • Well you better go back because this guy is a fraud and a groupie

      TheNotorious FrankTheNotorious FrankPred mesecem
  • *No es por nada pero estan mas mamadores tus videos en Español*

    EduardoSEduardoSPred mesecem
  • This camera perfectly fit for this channel, pls keep it!..

    Firdaus NasirFirdaus NasirPred mesecem
  • Idk how you fucked yourself so bad. Sad you sold your soul for nothing at all

    negativesquirelnegativesquirelPred mesecem
  • Very nice interview and really interesting funny nice dudes

    Akhalid AAkhalid APred mesecem
  • This guy looks like Justin tembrlake the singer

    Akhalid AAkhalid APred mesecem
  • I think I found your german doppelganger, check out M539 Restorations. He also babbles spanish

    23 Gabriel Iñigo Gonzaga23 Gabriel Iñigo GonzagaPred mesecem
  • Pick up a truck sheesh.....🙄 Turbo diesel 🏁

    4wd RoRo4wd RoRoPred mesecem
  • My fav new style Porsche !!! The rear end the futuristic quad headlights I just love it, convertible top suits this car too

    x iDropKillz xx iDropKillz xPred mesecem
  • En un año vas a salir con un video de como se incendió tu auto espontáneamente, pinche tracalero.

    Gerardo V.Gerardo V.Pred mesecem
  • Hello, I just want to ask if you can help me making some money because I'm so inspired to have cars and life like you have.

    J. Kyle23J. Kyle23Pred mesecem
  • The footage from your cap camera was having a weird motion issue. It made it feel like I was watching a video game.

    eSysman SuperYachtseSysman SuperYachtsPred mesecem
  • Finally getting some cars back

    Kaden DavisKaden DavisPred mesecem
  • This video was great with the new camera xd

    Nicolas WinterNicolas WinterPred mesecem
  • Hey! Should be amazing to do a video showing all your cars in your garage

    Efrain Schott RomeroEfrain Schott RomeroPred mesecem
  • Puzzled ✍

    DDEDDEPred mesecem
  • Next time don’t bring this 🐱 to pick up a car

    Fabian ChinchillaFabian ChinchillaPred mesecem
  • That camera worked phenomenally! That Porsche sounded great. Im getting the new 911 Turbo S cabriolet and taycan😀😀🌟💥💣Yippie

    Bsxe BeamuldéBsxe BeamuldéPred mesecem
  • I have this car ... and I'm smiling watching this video .. )

    Dana DiazDana DiazPred mesecem
  • BTW that "994" Porsche 914 is mid engined, and the hardest car I ever drove to this day, the clutch is so hard, and being mid-engined probably whould make it feel light but the steering is heavy AF

    Francisco LacerdaFrancisco LacerdaPred mesecem
  • Love your videos, but that camera sux it’s too dark in there, please go back to your regular setup. 🙏🏻

    Lawless LeopardLawless LeopardPred mesecem
  • Gt2 rs

    Yaliema KickassYaliema KickassPred mesecem
  • 1.5 mil subs with average 100k views nice

    Konstantinos BKonstantinos BPred mesecem
  • Ale don't worry about your 👣....as long as farghisi doesn't leave oils your good to go.... everybody knows

    Chris PfuhlChris PfuhlPred mesecem
  • Camera costs as much as a mid range smartphone. Fair value would be under a $100. why? bc ppl would buy 3 or more

    J PJ PPred mesecem
  • Just bought a camera to do some POV driving with a BMW M2 will see how it turns out.

    CrispCarGuruCrispCarGuruPred mesecem
  • AMC baby! Let’s go!

    peca9peca9Pred mesecem
  • Genuine, non offensive question for the passenger. How many pounds are you?! I have a similar frame, but have never sat in the 992. But it looks so comfortable and I’m more pumped than ever to check it out.

    John SidJohn SidPred mesecem
  • Dude wtf this whole camera/angle is sick af. It's the camera upgrade we never knew we needed. I definitely prefer it to the old setup! Keep using them!!!

    CaliforniaKidCaliforniaKidPred mesecem
  • The manual is still 7-speed 😂

    smiles 11smiles 11Pred mesecem
    • Given his history with GT Porsche’s it would surprise me if he didn’t, also this 992 Carrera is on dealer plates so he hasn’t purchased this either🤷🏼‍♂️

      Liam O'DriscollLiam O'DriscollPred mesecem
    • @Liam O'Driscoll didn’t realize he was picking up a GT3.... 🙄

      smiles 11smiles 11Pred mesecem
    • Not for the 992 GT3

      Liam O'DriscollLiam O'DriscollPred mesecem
  • I wanna open the seat and smell it 😂

    Ricky PRicky PPred mesecem
  • Awesome video

    Victor HristovVictor HristovPred mesecem
  • Can’t ever argue with a 911!!!

    Paul Luke BonenfantPaul Luke BonenfantPred mesecem
  • You picked it up and dropped it off.......lol

    Wayne GuyWayne GuyPred mesecem
  • drive the 992 turbo s

    erwizzy maroerwizzy maroPred mesecem
  • salomondrin used to be the rich guy on youtube now he’s just another car guy. i guess everyone’s rich until manny enters the scene

    Marcelo HendrixMarcelo HendrixPred mesecem
    • Yeah rich off daddy’s Mexican cartel money

      TheNotorious FrankTheNotorious FrankPred mesecem
  • Love this video!!!! You are Back Alejandro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nuno Venda MorgadoNuno Venda MorgadoPred mesecem
  • POV: you get yourself banned from a porsche dealer in style

    KanchisaKanchisaPred mesecem
    • He should be banned on SLworlds for being a fraud

      TheNotorious FrankTheNotorious FrankPred mesecem
  • Good sound :-) great film

    Roger RudolphRoger RudolphPred mesecem
  • No one cares honestly quit complaining about being a Mexican and go back to making good content like you used to

    John ElwayJohn ElwayPred mesecem
  • Drove one, nothing special ,like a hot golf . Nothing compared to a Ferrari, that's why Salo does not have one

    Rich JohnRich JohnPred mesecem
  • @8:10 fukken hilarious!! 🤣😂😆

    jaimejimmy90 Navarrojaimejimmy90 NavarroPred mesecem
  • Someone please school me, It's a 992 but also a 911?! So is 992 the model and 911 is a Trim option. So 992 = Camaro and 911 = Z28?? Yes I know that is a Rude and Bad comparison, just trying to understand the 992/911 moniker...

    GrinDiesel1969GrinDiesel1969Pred mesecem
  • The cameras looks awesome guys

    Matthew LemoineMatthew LemoinePred mesecem
  • I’m sorry, but the camera gave me motion sickness, and I had to stop watching the video... Which I’ve never done before on this channel. 🤢😳😰

    TheConfuzed1TheConfuzed1Pred mesecem
  • Sergio looking skinnier good for him

    Raul JimenezRaul JimenezPred mesecem
  • I tried to film a driving holiday video before all these go pro etc came out years later. It was video but disappointing to see all my friends Cars go by in such poor quality but this was like 2008. Things have improved so much over the years but these wee Cameras look nuts. I’ve never used any of these and drive in the highlands of Scotland when it’s not in lockdown, but one of these might make me give it a go again. The Porsche is a Porsche to just a brilliantly designed and engineered Car.

    Mr SWRMr SWRPred mesecem
  • Really enjoyed the video! Looks like a great car!

    Tim JabaleyTim JabaleyPred mesecem
  • A neighbor of mine had one of that 72 something Porsche here in Honduras, wonder what happens to it, I was like 16 years old in the 90s.

    Arquitectos 501Arquitectos 501Pred mesecem
  • God damn no other car SLworldsr hits the spot like Salamondrin. Build up a nice collection again and it’ll start to feel just like 2017 again

    Miles BishopMiles BishopPred mesecem
    • He kinda sucks tbh

      John ElwayJohn ElwayPred mesecem
  • Those cameras seem good and it’s amazing how compact they are, but they’re not perfect. The stability works but everything seems very jump, not smooth, and looses focus. The camera you usually use us much better.

    L33L33Pred mesecem
  • the cameras were super impressive here cant lie

    Clive MckenzieClive MckenziePred mesecem
  • No lie this style of video was cool. I liked it. You can’t beat a Porsche 911

    Isheanopa NganduIsheanopa NganduPred mesecem
  • It's not even a Turbo.

    IceColdKilaxIceColdKilaxPred mesecem
  • Picked up means bought or drove?

    Khu NoPieKhu NoPiePred mesecem
  • I guess you told that you were going completely green (electric), in that case you need taycan

    Ali MohammedAli MohammedPred mesecem
    • This fraud just runs his mouth

      TheNotorious FrankTheNotorious FrankPred mesecem
  • Finally a nice car

    Carlitox bCarlitox bPred mesecem
  • Was the audio from the Insta360 camera too?

    Raphy MartinezRaphy MartinezPred mesecem
  • Mmmm yesss shitty resolution

    Elias EnochssonElias EnochssonPred mesecem
  • sergio no entra xd

    MiloMiloPred mesecem
  • 🔥

    luca melaniluca melaniPred mesecem
  • WTF guy's you look like idiot's with these mask on...get a grip...

    Luca HaubenLuca HaubenPred mesecem
  • u have to try the new 992 turbo s, its abnormal

    John DoeJohn DoePred mesecem
  • I literally watched this video right after watching Insta360 Go 2 Review and thinking of ordering one for myself.

    Dominic0403Dominic0403Pred mesecem
  • Finally a dope music inyoutube videos @10:00

    alirezaalirezaPred mesecem
    • This one was lit 🔥 in

      alirezaalirezaPred mesecem
  • What a Insane Car the Porsche is !!! Love IT !!

    Carpe_DiemasCarpe_DiemasPred mesecem
  • Colors look bit off and Ale got huge hands(Fish Eye Effect). Talking about car - I'm gonna miss that analog clock on the center of dashboard

    VinayakVinayakPred mesecem
  • Loved the video, guys🔥🙏

    Antonio Ruiz-MesaAntonio Ruiz-MesaPred mesecem
    • No

      TheNotorious FrankTheNotorious FrankPred mesecem
  • to be honest video quality is so bad...

    Roman TeslyaRoman TeslyaPred mesecem
  • The wide angle is a bit to wide / fish eye...but it is cool! Al, why are you all excited about that body kit on just a GT2 RS...didn't you have one last year and then sell it like the next day because it was too good? #SomethingDoesntAddUp ? I would have never thought the new twin turbo 911 was just like a the screaming 9000rpm red line N/A GT3 ? Seriously I am shocked.

    C JohnsonC JohnsonPred mesecem
  • Congratulations Alej! Enjoy many Safe & Happy Miles in your New 992!

  • Real cool test of the camera, but the fish eye situation was horrible, and missing B roll 👌

    Viktor GrytdalViktor GrytdalPred mesecem
  • This new PDK is 8 speed

    Sameer KhanSameer KhanPred mesecem
  • Video is lit. OG Salomondrin vibes

    Thinnesh MuniandyThinnesh MuniandyPred mesecem
  • Base 911 or Cayman GT4?

    just.jeff.ryanjust.jeff.ryanPred mesecem
  • That camera literally gave me motion sickness 😂

    Emmanuel ForestierEmmanuel ForestierPred mesecem
  • Love your videos fellas. And the new Porsche is incredible the the new updates to the car are amazing best all around sports car in my opinion.

    Mike RitchieMike RitchiePred mesecem
  • I think it's not as good as the one you where using before

    Bruce FieldBruce FieldPred mesecem
  • Sergio perdió de peso o que pedo

    fer557fer557Pred mesecem
  • Those cameras are actually pretty dope!

    Svbreezy25Svbreezy25Pred mesecem
  • rylo makes better cameras look into it

    18901890Pred mesecem