My Ferrari's Full Damage Report! :(

1. mar. 2021
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Some videos are just not fun to make but have to be made...
this isn't one of those.
This was all fun! LOL

  • You suck!!

    Doc DaylarDoc DaylarPred mesecem
  • Your a Mexican. Suck it up

    Christopher HintergardtChristopher HintergardtPred mesecem
  • Finally a decent vlog again

    Don Jr.Don Jr.Pred mesecem
  • I remember when Salomondrin first introduced us to Avi.

    Your FanYour FanPred mesecem
  • Mask don't actually do anything

    Capo Dei CapiCapo Dei CapiPred mesecem
  • Where did you get your single needle tattoos (of the squirrels) ?

    Brandon 1Brandon 1Pred mesecem
  • "Fallen" stop playin CS ?

    sikk maggotsikk maggotPred mesecem
  • I wanna have 488 Pista problems 😔

    ChrisChrisPred mesecem
  • Haven’t been watching a lot yt lately, can someone explain why he is homeless?

    nlspotsnlspotsPred mesecem
  • Fuck, look like Sergio is working out

    Saeed UddinSaeed UddinPred mesecem
  • What if the battery swapping machine is out of order? These machines might be very expensive so there would not be a lot of stations in one place, so it will take some time for European and American people to familiarize.

    Viduna WeerasingheViduna WeerasinghePred mesecem
  • i have to move to english channel, fuck

  • You need to lose the Face Muzzles, it’s really sad and off putting... it’s so Lefty Snowflake !

    U SCROTEU SCROTEPred mesecem
  • Shit you had the Flu !!! Wow is all of Commiefornia Brainwashed with that Hoax ! Bidens and Harris is truly inspirational on fucking up people’s lives ! Remember AOC nearly got murdered in DC hilarious 😂😂😂

    U SCROTEU SCROTEPred mesecem
  • Alejandro you are fucking crazy

    AllphonetipsAllphonetipsPred mesecem
  • Its like Ferrari is Fucking you and your still saying I still love you Ferrari I still love you ! Lol

    Wild Rangers WÈÉĐWild Rangers WÈÉĐPred mesecem
  • Yo dude you gotta change up the strain you on you way to hype!!!

    chuckswhipchuckswhipPred mesecem
  • I love this vlog style kinda like the old days! Just the little things are funny

    Raymond KyruanaRaymond KyruanaPred mesecem

    Swagger MuffinSwagger MuffinPred mesecem
  • Hyped thanks to the Cali WEED :D

    Michael RussellMichael RussellPred mesecem
  • Love those shades man

    P aulP aulPred mesecem
  • Ferrari 488 Pista P.I.S.T.A. - Penis Is Small, The Automobile -

    NuxSecNuxSecPred mesecem
  • Ale: Sorry i got to light first Random car: Look at this fucking douche in his ferrari thinking he's better than everyone

    NuxSecNuxSecPred mesecem
  • Ale's neck vain is a good addition to the crew

    King JoffreyKing JoffreyPred mesecem
  • Take the black tape off your reverse cam Ale!! 😂

    Joseph WelchJoseph WelchPred mesecem
  • Como le hace para grabar casi el mismo video exacto en 2 idiomas??? WTF Sergio salió 2 veces del edificio para responder en 2 idiomas?

    Jose Reyes MatosJose Reyes MatosPred mesecem
  • Pointless and a loud of rubbish 😡

    lawrence parkerlawrence parkerPred mesecem
  • Str8 buttcrack on the alcantara seats *c r i n g e*

    Die Roten1900Die Roten1900Pred mesecem
  • Que honda 👋🏻

    Sánchez AdriánSánchez AdriánPred mesecem
  • Let’s talk about cars YO !

    irob rfirob rfPred mesecem
  • The full damage report, the back camera do not work.

    kiwanbcnkiwanbcnPred mesecem
  • What a dump

    Elandre FourieElandre FouriePred mesecem
  • i was trying to buy fu@#ing domain and one motherF#$%er already bought it. 😑

    ravindu kavishwararavindu kavishwaraPred mesecem
  • *Mezcal Violador*

    Rafael CRafael CPred mesecem
  • 12:30 reminded me of Michael de Santa from GTA V

    TheFrontsideskaterTheFrontsideskaterPred mesecem
  • Trying to find a way to get alerón in canada (ontario) anybody know how?

    Grand River LivingGrand River LivingPred mesecem
  • that merc would be standing still in the rain lol absolutely no traction whatsoever

    Kevin HoKevin HoPred mesecem
  • The good old Avi!! keep going

    Eduardo GabonesEduardo GabonesPred mesecem
  • 11 years old SLK 55 AMG with delivery mileage in my country sold for $110K

    Jonathan AlexanderJonathan AlexanderPred mesecem
  • My eyes popped out when Alejandro said it's a V8 Twin Turbo :-D

    Da70DudeDa70DudePred mesecem
  • This channel is one of the most underrated automotive channel on youtube

    MGL YTMGL YTPred mesecem
  • why is he always screaming? total annoying

    Andreas BAndreas BPred mesecem
  • Hey alejandro will u go to see sf90 at ferrari austin?

    Lakshay AroraLakshay AroraPred mesecem
  • I’ve been watching you since you where doing phone reviews I’m glad I still watch you Much love bro🥰

    buttery boibuttery boiPred mesecem
  • God I miss those eyes! Avi!!

    Finn Munro-LafonFinn Munro-LafonPred mesecem
  • Alex that room isn’t bad. I wouldn’t mind living there small and spacious and get to save a lot of money since I’m not successful yet.

    Sif ArtoriousSif ArtoriousPred mesecem
  • That pista backup camera is probably from a Fiat 500 😂

    V ZV ZPred mesecem
  • Awesome

    Aløngjr555Aløngjr555Pred mesecem
  • Smoke some weed and chill out bro! Lol idk why you yelled the whole video 😂

    Landini ReactsLandini ReactsPred mesecem
  • Sergio is the Mexican Luka Doncic 🤣🤣

    gozer722gozer722Pred mesecem
  • Alehandro, what sunglasses are those? looks good.

    Vova PetrovVova PetrovPred mesecem
  • 5:31 I see Red SLK

    SwingToLifeSwingToLifePred mesecem
  • The way people drive a Ferraris in USA is a little different from that of the UK. I was surprised to see Alejandro be an absolute arse on the lights and pretty much elsewhere. Lovely content though.

    Petrolhead 005Petrolhead 005Pred mesecem
  • yow jandro hookah iz not good for your peee peee, do the research

    Marcus GarveyMarcus GarveyPred mesecem
  • The video will always get a like at the beginning when there's a trip to Avi involved. 🤴

    Warren Du PlessisWarren Du PlessisPred mesecem
  • Where the fuck is that hookah spot man . Spill the beans

    GiojaguileraGiojaguileraPred mesecem
  • Is that a countach at the back?

    Param ShahParam ShahPred mesecem
  • can't believe you brought up the red slk

    Marcus GarveyMarcus GarveyPred mesecem
  • Ya extrañaba tus vlogs en inglés!!!!

    Ali HernandezAli HernandezPred mesecem
  • I remember when you were wealthy and had 918s and paganis yet you were humble Now you’re just upper middle class and obnoxious and broke

    Rapido20Rapido20Pred mesecem
  • My cousin whose a chiropractor and lawyer has a SLK and I love it

    Ryan BaileyRyan BaileyPred mesecem

    Jacob VJacob VPred mesecem
  • Part of Menudo! No ses mamón!🤣🤣

    Nadim HajjarNadim HajjarPred mesecem
  • Do a video Avi reaction to the ferrari

    Pedro FonsecaPedro FonsecaPred mesecem
  • Avi is the man 💪💪

    Pedro FonsecaPedro FonsecaPred mesecem
  • Avi didn’t really seem himself today

    JakeyboyJakeyboyPred mesecem
  • Looks real tough man....

    GrantGrantPred mesecem
  • I saw you today .. I was gonna ask for a picture bro pero no se guey no se si eres cool.. I follow you on ig SLworlds and all

    Don PCNODon PCNOPred mesecem
  • hey salomondrin because your channel in Spanish has more subscribers than the channel in English?

    lo que pintelo que pintePred mesecem
  • Keep it real brozart. I have been entertained with the videos lately.

    P LifeP LifePred mesecem
  • Sala needs his home back cause he's goin crazy 🥰😂🥰😂

    ZR EVANZR EVANPred mesecem
  • Homeless Mexican in East LA driving around in a hot car with his bro visiting friends and then going to get high AF! Sounds like an awesome day to me eh...don't go full hoser on the hookah eh! LMFAO #SuckItUp

    C JohnsonC JohnsonPred mesecem
  • Way to shit on your friend’s house lmfao

    Nathan WNathan WPred mesecem
  • Here come the insurance fraud accusations

    Bryce FernauBryce FernauPred mesecem
  • cringe

    Michael AdamecMichael AdamecPred mesecem
  • Wy the clickbate.......pfff

    Diane LamaliceDiane LamalicePred mesecem
  • for being homeless you have a better house than mine and im not homeless

    TuntaluntaTuntaluntaPred mesecem
    • he's homeless, but not houseless 🤣

      PrometheusPrometheusPred mesecem
  • LAUGHING MY FUCKING ASS OFF 10:40 “The Santa Monica Anthem”

    Sean KoonsSean KoonsPred mesecem
  • Love it old school ale back in the 🏠!!!

    safmazesafmazePred mesecem
  • Legit loving the content at the moment, keep it up!!

    Brandon RobertsBrandon RobertsPred mesecem
  • Proud to say I've been here since the beginning. Who else remembers the hot box Hot topics? And his wide body hellcat named "HellGato"

    Db_auto_photographyDb_auto_photographyPred mesecem
    • Even more proud to say the "begging" was a million times better than the crap content that he puts out now, also the cars were better back then, idk why would you be proud to still be on this dead channel.

      ANDREANDREPred mesecem
  • AYYEE we drive on that same highway with the GTR on GTAV.

    Franklin GutierrezFranklin GutierrezPred mesecem
  • 3:05 Canyon de Sergio

    Khizar KazmiKhizar KazmiPred mesecem
  • So the full damage report on the Pista is that the backup camera DOESN’T currently work🤔.

    Luke SlaterLuke SlaterPred mesecem
  • Do you still do real estate? How do you make your money these days?

    Mason CraeMason CraePred mesecem
    • He has that partnership with the tequila company and probs still owns property.

      Alex SAlex SPred mesecem
  • Show us your tattoo progresss

    Sov ReactsSov ReactsPred mesecem
  • You don’t need clockbait when Avi is on the video, we love the guy 😂

    AdsTrapatonyAdsTrapatonyPred mesecem
  • The swirls on that black paint.... God... Ahahah

    Gonçalo TomásGonçalo TomásPred mesecem
  • Mfr got new teeth and too hyper now lol

    Alex GAlex GPred mesecem
  • What the hell is wrong with him today all the yelling

    Lorenzo WilliamsLorenzo WilliamsPred mesecem
  • My Kia backup camera works every time.

    Jack RyanJack RyanPred mesecem
  • Buen video salomundo like :D

    wiliam aftonwiliam aftonPred mesecem
  • Always wondered what happened to AVI. Great seeing him.

    antonie jacksonantonie jacksonPred mesecem
  • He barely got that slk amg, he out bid me at the auction 😂

    your local goonyour local goonPred mesecem
    • @Famous Benz it’s a dealer only auction

      your local goonyour local goonPred mesecem
    • What website

      Famous BenzFamous BenzPred mesecem
  • My man, if you don't like the noises that come with the performance model, you're welcome to buy a Portofino instead 🤣 Feel free to drop off the Pista. I'd LOVE to hear those magnificent brakes 😉

    Danny DDanny DPred mesecem
  • I missed the clickbait

    Nuno HipólitoNuno HipólitoPred mesecem
  • Cocaine is a hell of a drug lol

  • I've been away for a year or so. salomondrin sounds & seems like less of a twat.

    Pat HarrisonPat HarrisonPred mesecem
  • More videos like this please!

    Jamal's GarageJamal's GaragePred mesecem
  • What kinda glasses are those?

    Jason PenaJason PenaPred mesecem