2 New Cars Are Coming!

26. feb. 2021
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My G’s!!
The car world is changing... some things are better, some are worse!

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    SalomondrinSalomondrinPred mesecem
    • You guys suck!!

      Doc DaylarDoc DaylarPred mesecem
    • McLaren are in busines from 80 s. McLaren has developed there own car in 2004-2008/mp12.so there are a lot of bulshit

      Godea AlexandruGodea AlexandruPred mesecem
    • Where did u get that hoodie? 🙏🏼 🔥

      Matt MartinMatt MartinPred mesecem
    • Can’t wait to see your car lineup this year.

      Skcash ShawnSkcash ShawnPred mesecem
    • Yoo is that a sincere shoutout to DDE?

      brent boutcherbrent boutcherPred mesecem
  • I love the content but man, what is wrong with Salomondrin? Its if he can't slow down and talk coherently about the content. So much exaggeration makes the content appears fake and setup aka click-bait.

    MarkMarkPred 9 dnevi
  • Master storyteller

    Stephane AsselinStephane AsselinPred mesecem
  • Nsx is definitely a super car

    Suraj JhuttiSuraj JhuttiPred mesecem
  • Post moreeeee

    Kobe KoekebakkerKobe KoekebakkerPred mesecem
  • Alejandro energy is a great thing. Enthusiasm, energy, tone. Rubs off on the viewers. Def a credit to his ability to sell and build business relations. Favorite car SLworldsr fo life my guy

    Chris ChianeseChris ChianesePred mesecem
  • 488 Pista and a 720s in the garage. Truly inspiring

    ChrisChrisPred mesecem
  • The NSX gonna be just as fast as the Artura

    Ethan JacksonEthan JacksonPred mesecem
  • Keeps getting more and more exciting to love cars right now, I'd buy that Artura and new GT3 in a heartbeat. Both are just STUNNINGGG

    Ryan SpaldingRyan SpaldingPred mesecem
  • He's been so cringe lately.. He's been assuming what people will say to him in every video and it's just weird. Stop being a whiny bitch and make decent videos again.

    DaveDavePred mesecem
  • Hey dumbass the NSX is a supercar. The fact that it's not as fast as the new supercars out there it's because the NSX is a few generations old. But the car is still very expressive, makes descent horse power, and it's useless at anything other than driving is the reason it's a supercar cause it's only made for driving pleasure and nothing else.

    Jorge MartinezJorge MartinezPred mesecem
  • Hehehe. He talking about his Senna hitting the flame on button. Hehe. Good 1. Loving this video.

    Sleezy SkeezySleezy SkeezyPred mesecem
  • NSX is most definitely a supercar... period

    GibsoniteGibsonitePred mesecem
  • The 765LT is better than the artura

    Mootooveeren DarrenMootooveeren DarrenPred mesecem
  • The new front suspension design was a big part of the reduced lap time too.

    Kahless 01Kahless 01Pred mesecem
  • I keep forgetting that new GT3 is not RS model 😉 Artura, I am wondering how this hybrid system blends both electric and petrol worlds, and if it will be responsive enough to fill the turbo lag.

    Bartek BBartek BPred mesecem
  • To be great you don't have to try down other great's to show your greatest. You just quietly prove it publicly. The 570s is an amazing car in that price range period. The Artura has some proving to do. Just because Kanye moved over for Drake doesn't mean, Kanye still not Kanye

    Roland WilliamsRoland WilliamsPred mesecem
  • How much do you think he’s getting paid for this 😂

    Geraldo MenaGeraldo MenaPred mesecem
  • I miss when you said what you really think of the car and not what the manufacture paid you to say

    StarkStarkPred mesecem
  • Thanks Ale ! Nailed it !

    Sp1EagleSp1EaglePred mesecem
  • Dude , u were crying when ur car got on fire before and u were talking shit about mclaren , and I bet they just paid u to support them , wow money changed ur words

    marwan6535marwan6535Pred mesecem
  • im glad to see you back on you feet.. keep it up.

    Federico SánchezFederico SánchezPred mesecem
  • That intro music brought me back 🥺 I remember the old days when you used to hotbox the Rolls-Royce and answer questions from instagram

    Db_auto_photographyDb_auto_photographyPred mesecem
  • Who misses the CGT?

    911%911%Pred mesecem
  • the artura reminds me of the lykan

    Arian KajolliArian KajolliPred mesecem
  • I just don't get the GT3. If you want a fast Porsche 911 in a straight line, the 911 Turbo S is faster and has a better interior. If you want a fast 911 that is an absolute track beast, the older 911 GT2RS and GT3RS are still faster. Who is Porsche aiming at as their target audience with this car. Because don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful car, but they already made three that are better.

    peter-paul kutschlojengapeter-paul kutschlojengaPred mesecem
  • Great video dude keep them coming pls 😂

    Alex XAlex XPred mesecem
  • McLaren is overrated, F1 & P1 excluded obviously.....rest look the same

    Real Talker 101Real Talker 101Pred mesecem
    • @Gent Next Door ✊

      Real Talker 101Real Talker 101Pred mesecem
    • I agree

      Gent Next DoorGent Next DoorPred mesecem
    • @Real Talker 101 ok?

      CMJ -CMJ -Pred mesecem
    • @CMJ - .... They're whole lineup is the new 911, lol

      Real Talker 101Real Talker 101Pred mesecem
    • @Real Talker 101 Just because a brand is respectively new doesn’t mean they should completely redesign every new car. They are trying to build design language from the 570 to the Artura. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. They did present something new. What about its performance and technology cause that’s whats new. You only look at it from an exterior perspective. The 720s doesn’t look similar at all. To say all their cars look the same makes no sense and doesn’t make them “overrated”.

      CMJ -CMJ -Pred mesecem
  • Alejandro will you buy the Gt3? See Carro estaaaaa wow!

    Jorge VeraJorge VeraPred mesecem
  • Specced my McLaren in their configurator in matte silver and orange calipers/interior and then I remembered I cant even afford new shoes.

    BravoBravoPred mesecem
  • Bro I have been a fan of you since day one and you can look it up, but this sounds like a paid review, love ya just saying.

    Stephen KileyStephen KileyPred mesecem
  • These type of hybrid cars are going to come more in the future and become better and better but the NA V12s are going to get lost, they have already reached their top level...I think an 812 GTS would be a nice collection piece since it would be rare in the future..after all it's last of it's kind!

    Shivam KamdiShivam KamdiPred mesecem
  • I thought about a year ago you said you were going all electric to save the environment

    Curtis ChastainCurtis ChastainPred mesecem
  • This is what all solomandrin subs were waiting for glad his mking videos again

    ZiyaadZiyaadPred mesecem
  • Is that a white Ford GT in the background?

    Your joke are totally from the InternetYour joke are totally from the InternetPred mesecem
  • Mclaren improve so fast, that mclaren senna catches on fire 😅

    Ricardo BastosRicardo BastosPred mesecem
  • I thought he meant cars coming to the garage :(

    JJPred mesecem
  • So the new 992 GT3 beat the 918? Well! 2021, please give us the successor to the 918! That line of cars is as beautiful as they come. The Carrera GT is drop dead gorgeous. The 918 is a masterpiece.

    UnrealbrUnrealbrPred mesecem

    J BettisJ BettisPred mesecem
  • Can you imagine a new 911 GT3 with a 935 front end and pop up headlights

    Nicholas FouchNicholas FouchPred mesecem
    • Its a pitty that pop ups are no more legal too make😤

      Konrad GKonrad GPred mesecem
  • Totally agree with your comments on the Artura, McLaren have nailed it on all fronts.

    adalladallPred mesecem
  • Senna wing on a Porscheeeee

    QuickScopingPerkQuickScopingPerkPred mesecem
  • Awesome video! Check out speedphenoms video of the Artura it's excellent!

    2013shelbygt50013132013shelbygt5001313Pred mesecem
  • That's a Dino! :)

    david tannerdavid tannerPred mesecem
  • Who is alhandro referring at 7:35🤔

    akshitgargiecakshitgargiecPred mesecem
  • The GT3 is absurd. Love it!

    Paulo BaptistaPaulo BaptistaPred mesecem
  • 570 looks like a kid car?!! I haven't driven the P1 but I have driven the 570 and I guarantee everyone here, once those turbo kicks in, there is NOTHING kiddy car about the 570!!

    Black Conservative PatriotBlack Conservative PatriotPred mesecem
    • @Andre Wakefield in its price range I might have to agree with you, however compared to other mclaren models like the 650 675 720 even the 12c, i have to agree with ale

      Gus FarahGus FarahPred 28 dnevi
    • I don’t think the 570 looks like a kid car. It looks more aggressive and slick than almost anything else in that price range

      Andre WakefieldAndre WakefieldPred 28 dnevi
    • He never said it drives kiddy he said it LOOKS kiddy..

      Gus FarahGus FarahPred mesecem
  • Speaking of banana 🍌😋 just had one

    Christopher PettwayChristopher PettwayPred mesecem

    Swagger MuffinSwagger MuffinPred mesecem
  • tnx for the video you just sold m 2 cars ...nice presentacion

    dojcin tutinacdojcin tutinacPred mesecem
  • If the Ferrari Roma was an hybrid car, would the mclaren artura be in the same category ? Wich one would you buy ?

    nathaniels d'almeidanathaniels d'almeidaPred mesecem
  • Alejandro is back!! Just buy them all!

    Dennis Van BeeckDennis Van BeeckPred mesecem
  • I love Mclaren and honestly Mclaren is competing with themselves at this point, incredible cars. My favorite will forever be the P1 (;

    EdVenturesEdVenturesPred mesecem
  • I think you should get back the Carrera GT

    Chad KennedyChad KennedyPred mesecem
  • You should import a Renault Clio diesel and feel the pain of some EU countries where you almost can't have anything fun

    SimpleBeatsMusicSimpleBeatsMusicPred mesecem
  • the Nsx have the same 0-60 as this car and is realy not that far is 0-200 km/h so I think it's a supercar

    AmineAminePred mesecem
  • 24 now, and for about half of my life ive dreamt of super car ownership. Since I was young ive obsessed with sound. To this day I will hear a NA Ferrari V8 or any v12 and just melt inside. I chose an M2 N55 or M4 because sound primarily for my current car. In the next few years I will be ready to buy my first super car and I have this internal struggle of "Do i want an amazing sounding but slow-ish used ferrari like a F430 or 458. Or a SUPER fast animal-like car like the artura, but never (for now) fulfill that childhood dream of having a screaming NA engine." Might just add a V10 M5 to the fleet for like 15k and straight pipe it lol

    Tameem ZTameem ZPred mesecem
  • havent even watched the vid but... better be an Si

    JAAJAAPred mesecem
  • They gave every other SLworldsrs Aturo to review except...

    Antony ApudoAntony ApudoPred mesecem
  • Quality episode! The fucking GT3 was 17 seconds faster at the fucking Nurburgring man chew on that for a second

    Jim SmithJim SmithPred mesecem
  • My Gs! THIS is definitely the new unveiling future! I agree w/ you Salomondrin!

    Mercedes LoungeMercedes LoungePred mesecem
  • Thanks for still making these ALE, 2016 gang still going strong! Dont forget about us papi chulo

    Big ManBig ManPred mesecem
  • It’s unbelievable how a car for $200k is a great deal.. AMAZING!! Rich people are getting played by these companies.

    AutoAddict84AutoAddict84Pred mesecem
  • The cars are really great but why don't you talk about the SF90 Stradale and buy it!

    Shivam KamdiShivam KamdiPred mesecem
    • @Salomondrin are you interested in the T50?

      Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years agoMake Asylums Great Again • 10 years agoPred mesecem
    • I did and I did... hahahah my car gets here 2022... cuz I'm very important LOL

      SalomondrinSalomondrinPred mesecem
  • Front end of the new McLaren looks like the speedtail 🤔

    BNE ExoticsBNE ExoticsPred mesecem
  • I think ale is back baby!!!

    C O J H I E AGUSTINC O J H I E AGUSTINPred mesecem
  • you only say but you didnt even wanna buy....just like the bugatti chiron and veyron.... NEVER COMING AT ALL FOR SO MANY YEARS OF WAITING

    Bryan TBryan TPred mesecem
  • why you don’t by the ferrari sf90 stradale, is the hybrid car he ha e 1000hp, for me are beautifull car

    Henry98 30Henry98 30Pred mesecem
  • You gotta do a garage update, I don’t even know what cars you have these days haha

    Mason CraeMason CraePred mesecem
  • So this is a commercial?

    Tyler PainterTyler PainterPred mesecem
  • When i first time knew the newest gt3 im excited, but now how you hype it up and tell me the details makes me goosebump like wow 🔥🔥

    Blastoise DanBlastoise DanPred mesecem
  • Homie ! Get that GT3

    Nick LeongNick LeongPred mesecem
  • This feels nostalgic thanks ale

    William WillsonWilliam WillsonPred mesecem
  • I just love the Apollo brand now! They are pulling off some crazy designs on their production cars! The IE is out, iam just waiting for the Arow to show up now! It's going to be good!

    Sarthak PatangeSarthak PatangePred mesecem
  • Lol you are talking way too fast. I’m high

    Sean KoonsSean KoonsPred mesecem
  • ALE STOP IT THE NSX is MORE of a super car than any Porsche 911! ANY!

    NAVENAVEPred mesecem
  • I'm so confused buy the argues or 720s after 11 month i might be able to buy

    edward amoredward amorPred mesecem
  • you really do have a love hate relationship with McLaren

    Marco KwanMarco KwanPred mesecem
  • mclaren is so good at designing crazy looking cars that when i look at this car I'm not even impressed because it looks so safe

    Syaufi ShaharuddinSyaufi ShaharuddinPred mesecem
    • @Deezel Kane I know there are plenty of issues. I’m saying most owners don’t have them but some unfortunately do. Just because something goes wrong like with sal, doesn’t you need to hold it against them forever.

      CMJ -CMJ -Pred mesecem
    • @CMJ - just look up the videos on SLworlds mate. Don’t take my word for it.

      Deezel KaneDeezel KanePred mesecem
    • @Deezel Kane It’s almost as if most McLaren owners don’t have problems with the company🤷‍♂️ You know just because Sal has had a rough past that doesn’t mean he needs to have it that way forever.

      CMJ -CMJ -Pred mesecem
    • @CMJ - we will see. This one car doesn’t excuse mclaren past phuckery. They way they treat their customers is disgusting. Salomondrin was one of those neglected customers, but here he is sucking on their tit. No spine whatsoever

      Deezel KaneDeezel KanePred mesecem
    • @Deezel Kane They had a recall in April of 2020 for foam gas tank pad. So stop assuming. The car also uses a new Hybird system, new carbon monocoque, new infotainment, new seats, new rear suspension, new E-diff, OTA updates, center exhaust and sharper throttle. They aren’t the same car. Not even close to the 720s.

      CMJ -CMJ -Pred mesecem
  • One of the best review videos Ive seen you make. Good stuff man

    Pepeton99Pepeton99Pred mesecem
  • @salomondrin would you like mclaren to make a successor for the 540c that would be base on the v6 twin turbo but without the hybrid, it might be more compact and way lighter and possibly cheaper letting it be a 100,000 to 150,000 dollar mclaren. I'm happy that you're back into cars yo

    JaceJacePred mesecem
  • Comeon Alejandro, mclaren is boring. We are here for the rraris

    Ritesh KalidindiRitesh KalidindiPred mesecem
  • A lot of people are going to be butthurt about the nsx comment

    Evelio ExpositoEvelio ExpositoPred mesecem
  • I enjoyed this vid yo!

    MPVTVMPVTVPred mesecem
  • Yassssssssssss!!!

    Evil BeaverEvil BeaverPred mesecem
  • PASS

    PABLOPABLOPred mesecem
  • Dude love your videos 😂 tu energia es increible

    AE MCAE MCPred mesecem
  • Acura NSX does 0-60 in 3 seconds and goes 190+ MPH. of course it's a super car. And they WERE the first. Not McLaren.

    Danny DDanny DPred mesecem
  • 911 GT3

    ///AMG Lu///AMG LuPred mesecem
  • you better be putting these beauties in your garage soon!

    tesla petetesla petePred mesecem
  • He talks about this car looks its the entry level mustang. No shit still has a lot its 250 grand which in most people eyes is a ton of money that still more money than fastest corvette model

    mackenzie Galajdamackenzie GalajdaPred mesecem
  • The rear lights on the new porsche is so fucking sexy , its looks retro but futuristic at the same time 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    bryan mendezbryan mendezPred mesecem
  • How much did he get paid to go from hating mclaren to selling there new cheap in rich people standard car

    mackenzie Galajdamackenzie GalajdaPred mesecem
  • wow I love how this man brings that positive energy into his channel and tell us how he feels about theses beasts of cars, this channel will be for ever my favorite keep up the good work 🔥👌🏽

    Emmanuel AngelesEmmanuel AngelesPred mesecem
  • Lol

    Vincent M.Vincent M.Pred mesecem
  • Stop click baiting please

    Barca 10Barca 10Pred mesecem
  • Was it me or did it sound like he had tap shoes on? Every time he said "when you step on the gas" there was a tapping echo in the garage, 🤣🤣🤣

    Derrick MaldonadoDerrick MaldonadoPred mesecem
  • 1:06 ooft that bad bitch like a thikk Taylor Swift

    JakeyboyJakeyboyPred mesecem
  • Artura? At least a better name like Aleron?!🤔

    Edwin CalusposEdwin CalusposPred mesecem
  • Watch out coz he’s back sexymofos

    Edwin CalusposEdwin CalusposPred mesecem