I bought 3 Porsche 918’s! | Story Time

7. maj. 2020
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Another day, another story!

  • I’m obviously not rich enough to understand then you have a deposit on a car that they said they could take away from you at anytime and then you never got it ? I feel like there’s lawsuits for that no ?

    Sneakerfreaker88Sneakerfreaker88Pred 3 meseci
  • U sound like Jordan Belfort “I could’ve made 800 fucking thousand dollars” 😂😂😂

    Maxim GulatiMaxim GulatiPred 3 meseci
  • And now the acid green one you bought from Chicago is now back in Chicago!

    Chicago ExoticsChicago ExoticsPred 6 meseci
  • Do you need another proof the movie producers are insanely overpaid? You can work on movies nobody ever heard about but you still can buy some nice cars. :D

    JiWiKJiWiKPred 7 meseci
  • Hey lil simple math tells me even if you gave the owner 30% of your profits on both 918s, $400k ea is $800k total and giving him is a $240k(30%) loss compared to a ‘$800k’ loss by your claims is jus simple business math

    Travis SweigartTravis SweigartPred 7 meseci
  • Amazing story

    giokhangiokhanPred 8 meseci
  • I feel like the shortcut to everyone of his story’s is “ walked in the dealership to get shirt, came out with the fucking 720s 😂

    Skippy VRSkippy VRPred 8 meseci
  • Yes I got a Porsche Carrera GT for 45k in a barn find . Keep it for 6 years . Sold it 850k perfect car . 2k miles. In San Bernardino

    Jose FierroJose FierroPred 8 meseci
  • You should have alot more subscribers!

    Albert TorreAlbert TorrePred 9 meseci
  • I bought a condo on foreclosure and it was through a government agency that fed up on the price and I got it dirt cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    GS 15GS 15Pred 10 meseci
  • Lol I’m loving your videos starting with a shot all the time insanely It’s gonna be good lol

    Mark BurnettMark BurnettPred 10 meseci
  • flipper confirmed) again

    Mr PickyMr PickyPred 10 meseci
  • I have a similar story for me at the Toyota dealer! Just kidding! It was at Honda

    Vince NardellaVince NardellaPred 10 meseci
  • What do you think about Ben Chen ? Idiots with super cars should be forbidden, someone else says you are wrong about Koneigsegg.

    M DM DPred 10 meseci
  • liar!!

    masskilla469masskilla469Pred 10 meseci
  • I fucking love this guy! He has really good energy and gives me great motivations!!!

    Kirok KwakKirok KwakPred 10 meseci
  • 2 Million for a car lmao if i had 2 million id just lay around the house.. Maybe I aimed low in life.

    SingleTrack_KingSingleTrack_KingPred 10 meseci
  • Thank you for your time >>>>>> AWESOME 918"S Spec Luv it Fosho

    Raymund JusayRaymund JusayPred 10 meseci
  • Bro u r fuckin hilarious. They always buttfuck u and somehow u manage to play it off like u won!!! My man!

    Aditya SaldanhaAditya SaldanhaPred 10 meseci
  • I dont understand a shit ur saying. + why would you tell us about you losing 800k . Even Makes us mad for no reason.

    187 14187 14Pred 10 meseci
  • This was the deal for all 918s. All 918 buyers had to sign a waiver.

    Bryan FerraBryan FerraPred 10 meseci
  • Awesome story!

    Jeffrey FastJeffrey FastPred 10 meseci
  • I like these types of videos❤️

    Riley McCoyRiley McCoyPred 10 meseci
  • 2:43 "I'm like: Don't say"

    NadilNadilPred 10 meseci
  • Lmao. I get excited if I find deals on 2 Red Bulls. this guy is buying 918s like they are bubble gum. Congrats #winning

    fillsgaragefillsgaragePred 10 meseci
  • That acid green 918 was such a fukin beaut

    Yoni CaragayYoni CaragayPred 11 meseci
  • ONE HELL OF A BUSINESSMAN! MAKIN' THAT DOUGH! Plus having sexy as hell cars! Keep up the great work. :)

    Heather FlinchbaughHeather FlinchbaughPred 11 meseci
  • Salomundo: con un canal en gringo Yo: acaso no lo viste venir :v

    Alejandro AlmazánAlejandro AlmazánPred 11 meseci
  • I bought a 2017 Camaro 2SS back in the day used with 509mi on it for 32,600 (nothing compared to a supercar but I was 21). Saw the deal and flew literally across the country, bought it, flew back, had it shipped back for 1k. Mind you this was in a snowy place and market was way down there. Then I sold it for 41k two weeks later and pocketed 6k all said and done. They did complain and almost ended the deal when I told them to remove the damn water marks in this damn near brand new car 🤣

    Grant BaldwinGrant BaldwinPred 11 meseci
  • It's time to buy the 935

    a reflection of Youa reflection of YouPred 11 meseci
  • Alejandro, whatever you do please get on onboard, I'm trying to afford my first car, an Acura TL 2006.

    Raf AbreuRaf AbreuPred 11 meseci
  • Is the Porsche 918 faster than the La Ferrari 😏.If itis watch Chris Harris Top gear.

    Nandagopal SNandagopal SPred 11 meseci
  • You gotta make more of these they are fucking hilarious

    Parker MaxwellParker MaxwellPred 11 meseci
  • Whens Aleron coming to the states and which states?!?!

    Matty DMatty DPred 11 meseci
  • I am enjoying your new videos with your stories. Raw, real, humble and honest.

    Chico's CarsChico's CarsPred 11 meseci
  • Best I've owned so far is a C63 AMG. Great car but couldn't imagine owning a Porsche 918 let alone three of them.

    Ron SachettiRon SachettiPred 11 meseci
  • I don't care about how rich you are, just show us the damn cars.

    ReconciliationReconciliationPred 11 meseci
  • what if you agreed to wire the money the next day for the second 918 do you think they still wouldve pulled out? maybe not

    waitwutttwaitwutttPred 11 meseci
  • So the owner wants to sell his shit but also doesn’t want to sell his shit.

    Sizza FNSizza FNPred 11 meseci
  • Why not mod a 918 with 1500-2000hp

    Brandon HumphreyBrandon HumphreyPred 11 meseci
  • When I walk into a dealership ready to spend my damn 6 figure, almost million dollars on a car, I will take my fucking time, drive different cars, and when I find the car I want I will either get it for what they list it for; not a penny over; or I will walk the fuck out lol... Not gonna hustle me. I am not afraid to say no hahaha

    Pyre RecordsPyre RecordsPred 11 meseci
  • whos the friend in chicago?

    JOHNxFIFA7817JOHNxFIFA7817Pred 11 meseci
  • I don't understand why you wanted the dealer to finance the car giving them the opportunity to make even more money off you. Then when they fucked you out of the second car why didn't you remind them that you still have the mail about the first car ready to forward to Porsche?

    Mystery MeatMystery MeatPred 11 meseci
  • Yo u should probably wrap one of them the color that was on the thumbnail

    CrowdHitta 456CrowdHitta 456Pred 11 meseci
  • Loving story time man! This is a great series

    SavageBillahx2SavageBillahx2Pred 11 meseci
  • Is that a lego bugatti chiron in the background?

    Randall MontejanoRandall MontejanoPred 11 meseci
  • Far from your price range, but a couple years ago I bought an Opel Corsa OPC. At the time they were going for around 10 000-15 000 dollars (assuming 10 sek=1 dollar). Bought it from a used car dealership for 3 000 because "it was making weird noises in the front" and they did not know what it was. Ended up borrowing my dads garage and tools, switched a wheel bearing and sold it for 10 000. It is not an extreme amount of money but it was nice to have some extra change for a 19 year old.

    FreakshowFapperFreakshowFapperPred 11 meseci
  • When he said that that manger wanted 30 percent from the car if it was sold I had to pause the video and take a fuckin breath fuck that nigga on my momma niggas a bitch

    RutoRutoPred 11 meseci
  • This man has a gift for catching your attention and keeping you engaged and entertained by just sitting in front of a camera and telling a crazy story.

    polaritypolarityPred 11 meseci
  • Lol no you didnt you bought 1

    Genius CYGenius CYPred 11 meseci
  • Dealership owner learned REAL QUICK to NOT TEST a Latino Man's temper hahaha

    FRx1 P32DzFRx1 P32DzPred 11 meseci
  • "I paid two million fucking dollars for..."

    JoeJoePred 11 meseci
  • Half of world are thiefs.. Every position, every profession, every class, every color skin every country.. You know why? Lack of values, honor, personality and of course because the money.. Humans beings .. Crazy specie.. Stay all safe Peace

    Nelson GeadaNelson GeadaPred 11 meseci
  • That's cool

    yaboydanielyaboydanielPred 11 meseci
  • I swear the chiron in the back is gonna fall :(

    Vansh PatelVansh PatelPred 11 meseci
  • I bought all cars in gta 5

    Orphameil QuiloOrphameil QuiloPred 11 meseci
  • I thought you were scared to drive mid engine cars after the senna fire? Wasn't that the main argument in the lawsuit?????

    Garrett CoxGarrett CoxPred 11 meseci
  • Alejandro u might say ur stupid but you are fucking smart as shit!

    CryptonicDoomCryptonicDoomPred 11 meseci
  • I would of reported him to PORSCHE anyways.... fuck him.

    MericanSportMericanSportPred 11 meseci
  • fucking legend

    DeeTheBombDeeTheBombPred 11 meseci
  • Time to read movie contracts

    Hidden FilesHidden FilesPred 11 meseci
  • Woh......shout!!

    SlenderMontageSlenderMontagePred 11 meseci
  • When he says, "What we going to do to get past this?" Why not say, finance and sell me the second car...

    Andy CAndy CPred 11 meseci
  • That's a great story man. Once you asked him "why don't you send me an e-mail..." I knew you played it right. As far as legal proceedings go, e-mails are considered as hard evidence during discovery which made you have ALL of the power in that situation. Nicely done.

    KowalshyKowalshyPred 11 meseci
  • You getting more views

    Allen ChevezAllen ChevezPred 11 meseci
  • Follow @Ess3nceLT

    RackzzzRackzzzPred 11 meseci
  • Best story I have seen in a very long time !!

    Art van KlaverenArt van KlaverenPred 11 meseci
  • How many times did he say fucking?

    AurisAurisPred 11 meseci
  • What a baller

    Primiano FitnessPrimiano FitnessPred 11 meseci
  • You played your e-mail card too early, should’ve waited til you took delivery of the first car and put deposit on second before pulling the double cross

    Retro JsRetro JsPred 11 meseci
  • Did you send the email to Porsche, if you did they would flip there shit

    OneBruhOneBruhPred 11 meseci
  • More stories Ale, you are keeping me entertained like I haven't been for so soo long time, thanks man.🥂

    Patrik- 41Patrik- 41Pred 11 meseci
  • The acid green 918 is still my all time favourite car you have owned!!! I would give a nut for that car!

    Ed willEd willPred 11 meseci
  • Always impecable Story Time!😎

    Jorge VeraJorge VeraPred 11 meseci
  • Alejandro! Please continue with this segment!, “ Story Time” ... Hilarious!! I think you can have the two type in this show ... normal (inside of your car) and the other one in your house “Story Time”... cuídate

    Jorge VeraJorge VeraPred 11 meseci
  • tennis ball 918 was my fav one from the fleet because it was sexy car in the acid green color 1/2 cars in the world, very rare car

    BaseplateBaseplatePred letom
  • Only 300,000 more😂😂

    Emmet RyanEmmet RyanPred letom
  • Translation: After this I never got to buy anything without my wife's permission ever again.

    CloxxkiCloxxkiPred letom
  • i used to flip lamborghini gallardos and huracans in Melbourne but the dealers fucked me up and now i trade stocks and do real estate

    Ahnaf ZahinAhnaf ZahinPred letom
  • Does anyone even know what this dude does for a living?

    SageoftheSixPathsSageoftheSixPathsPred letom
  • I never comment on youtube videos but man this was a great video

    Itz JoJoItz JoJoPred letom
  • Awesome bro🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Area of InterestArea of InterestPred letom
  • Alijandro is one of the coolest dudes on SLworlds. Absolutely love his content

    brelaxed13brelaxed13Pred letom
  • Good story. Cool to hear how these cars came about. It was always great to see the original content with them.

    Drive My ExoticDrive My ExoticPred letom
  • This is the content we need

    Robert JakabRobert JakabPred letom
  • should hve got the P1

    Anurag GautamAnurag GautamPred letom
  • Crazy how bad businessmen can be at business hahaha. Alejandro you should offer mentorship during this vacant time! I think people would love to learn from your experiences.

    Jorge MorenoJorge MorenoPred letom
  • Ya lo vi en español y ahora en ingles eres una chingoneria 👌

    antonio Garcia ojedaantonio Garcia ojedaPred letom
  • Well played

    Dan HalfhillDan HalfhillPred letom
  • Do more of these

    VFSteveVFStevePred letom
  • i wish i could not care about 200k

    MattHDMattHDPred letom
  • Ale, very nice story, but have you testdriven the new Audi Rs6 already?

    peter-paul kutschlojengapeter-paul kutschlojengaPred letom
  • ♥️

    Wilfranz 05Wilfranz 05Pred letom
  • This video made me realize that the 918 I saw like 5 years ago was yours.

    EugeneEugenePred letom
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    VeguezVeguezPred letom
  • I would’ve definitely told Porsche.

    Ray ReasonsRay ReasonsPred letom
  • I’ve tried to buy at least 200 918s in forza but I didn’t win a single one from auction house

    ResbloxResbloxPred letom
  • Apollo IE!!!

    MurderManYTMurderManYTPred letom
  • Apollo IE!!!

    MurderManYTMurderManYTPred letom
  • You need an Apollo IE!!!

    MurderManYTMurderManYTPred letom